Monday, April 22, 2013

I forgive me


Part of being a grownup
Is learning to forgive yourself
Kitty Carlisle Hart said
Each morning she would look
In the mirror and say
I forgive you Kitty

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Neurotic Parent


So hard, it is so hard
To let go, let go and let god
Oldest son wanted to come home
For the weekend home so I went
To gather him this morning
He wanted to get together with someone
I didn’t ask who, it is my not my
Natural instinct but he will be 20
In a few weeks
I am working on giving autonomy
Also gave him back the car after
Months of not having it. I took it away
During winter break after too many
Traffic cam tickets and he didn’t
Want to take it back to school
He said he was too anxious but today
He drove to visit with who knows who
And it has been 8 hours and I
Need to just get a life and let it go                        
Not sure to be pissed that he has lost
A whole day of college studying
Or has something happened
Or this is just me being the
Neurotic parent that I am

Friday, April 19, 2013

No Peace


Is it mental illness?
That caused the killers we have seen who
Seem to have it all, nice homes
Education, hell they have food
And they go on rampages killing
Anyone and everyone
Is it the plethora of guns and weapons?
That give carte blanche to those who
Want take what they want because they never
Will be part of the haves
Is it religion that has been corrupted?
That is able to attract the souls who are
Scared and lonely and have no hope
And purports to give their lives meaning
By believing that killing and maiming
Will get them peace

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

TV Shaping Our Values


I found that MASH reruns are on and now
I tape them or oh right that was the olden days
Now I DVR them. I remember them all
Watched each one at least a dozen times
But the message is never old, just like
The original Star Trek. These shows shaped
My values just as much as going to a
Lutheran church before there was the teaching
Of hate of the other, before there was
Focus on sins, rather than on being a good
Person, when WWJD really meant something
I am not oppressed by my religious upbringing
But informed by it just like by some TV shows
That actually had a message along with humor
Or pathos. I wonder what will become
Of the generation who thinks that being a teen mom
Or a hillbilly fisherman is better than being a
Humanitarian or realizing that we don’t have to
Look alike to love alike.



So I missed a day
Writing a poem every day
Yesterday the muse was gone
Didn’t even think about it
Watching the blast in Boston
Over and over and over again
Not quite like 9.11 when I had
To turn off the TV when the kids
Came in the room
I wonder if they remember
How I came and got them from school
At first the schools were dismissing
Early but then they decided kids were safer
In school rather than school buses
Remember we are very close to DC
But I called their other mother and I
Wanted them with me and she said go get them
Which I did. If it was the end of the world
I wanted us to be together.
It wasn’t. It usually isn’t in the US
But how many 8 year olds are killed
All over the world, every day.
In Syria or Afghanistan or Rwanda or
Or Or Or

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Unrequited Love


I awake and your green eyes are staring in to mine
I reach out for you but you leave me
You come back immediately wanting affection
I try and caress you but you bite my hand
Unrequited love, no, I know you love me
It is just a cat thing